English courses for children

At Kids&Us your children grow up hand in hand with our characters. Students will use their imaginative way of seeing and understanding the world around them.

english courses for children
english courses for children

English courses from 1 year old: Babies

1- and 2-year olds

Babies are ready to learn a second language from birth; that’s why at Kids&Us they are immersed in the new language from day one, in an environment specially designed to motivate their learning.  

English courses from 3 years old: Kids

From 3 years old

At Kids&Us, children learn English almost without realising. Through songs, games, dance, and everyday scenarios that they identify with. English at Kids&Us grows with our students and adapts to their interests and motivations to keep their attention.

English courses from 9 years old: Tweens

From 9 years old

From 9 years old, children learn English through motivating activities and characters, relatable experiences and exciting adventures that connect with their interests. The strong foundation that they have acquired in speaking on the first Kids&Us courses becomes the cornerstone on which this stage is structured, as they learn to read and write in English.

English courses from 13 years old: Teens

From 13 years old

At Kids&Us, our adolescents learn English in an environment that connects with their reality. The children from 13 years old have resources for communicating and expressing themselves in the English language in many different situations.

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