English for children from 11 years old

Fairy Tales 1

At this level, modern adaptations of traditional fairytales will be the course’s guiding thread for strengthening reading and enriching vocabulary. 

Course objectives:

By reading and listening to stories in English, the 11-year-olds will discover new words and expressions which will help to widen their vocabulary in English and will help them to perfect their grammar. The classes will be organised around activities which connect with the student’s daily lives, helping the learning to become more real and natural because it recreates situations that they are familiar with. In addition, enjoyable activities are carried out which are adapted to the children’s interests and help them to stay focused. In Red Riding Hoody, for example, Little Red Riding Hood is now a BMX champion who wears hoody, a gift from her grandmother. In Sidney and his Lucky Scarf, meanwhile, “Cinderella” is in fact a boy who goes to live with his family abroad. They treat him very badly and take advantage of his lack of English. Will he manage to find his way home?  

Class length:

1 hour 30 minutes, twice per week.

Number of students per class:

8 students per class.

Idiomatic expressions:

In this English course for 11-year-olds, reading and listening to stories allows the students to learn new idiomatic expressions that help them to enrich their vocabulary, whilst at the same time enabling them to stay in contact with English outside of the classes. 

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  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 student class
  • Kids&Us Fairy Tales 1 student class
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