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Children regularly access audio-visual content in English. But do they understand them?

Published 23/02/2017
children audiovisual content in english

The Hollywood Oscars are just round the corner, and lots of us will be waiting to see if our favourite film of the year gets an Oscar for best picture, or if the actress we have a soft spot for finally gets that first well-deserved Oscar statuette.

The Oscars are the great American film Academy Awards but they are also the world Academy Awards, as our film consumption is monopolised by US production. An international survey conducted by Kids&Us with more than 3,400 parents in four countries, including France, reveals that the French are large consumers of audio-visual material in English.

Of French children, 75.7% access audio-visual material in English, and 20.3% do so frequently. This means that, unlike their parents, French children are familiar with their favourite actors’ real voices, as they would rather watch films in their original version. In spite of this, when French children watch films or series in English, only 9.6% are able to understand the original English version without subtitles.

Our children like material in the original version and they have become accustomed to enjoying music, video games and so on in English. However, when these materials require advanced comprehension, they still need subtitles to understand what they are watching properly.

The parents’ and children’s level of English is reflected by the statistic that fewer than 3 out of 10 French people admit that they do not understand the lyrics when they listen to a song in English. This number may not come as a surprise, but it ought to concern us.


Kids&Us offers materials in English for children, designed to promote learning English

At Kids&Us we encourage all of you — parents and children — to immerse yourselves in the free English resources designed by us to provide regular exposure to the English language. What is more, these materials are specially developed by the pedagogical department at Kids&Us to reinforce and help little children learn English.


Episodes from the 'Betty the Black Sheep' series, which are ideal for 2 to 4-year-olds for learning English, are freely available on YouTube

We would like to tell you about our online series, designed and produced by Kids&Us for 2 to 4-year-olds to promote learning English at home. The main character— Kids&Us' delightful little Betty Sheep — now has 7 cartoons in English, which are ideal for young children.

At the same time, we also offer a Betty Sheep storybook collection with clear and meaningful illustrations that help children understand the stories. Betty discovers the world around her alongside her friend Catty. The concepts and situations in the stories are based on experiences that our youngest learners are already familiar with, which will help them to learn words and sentences in English.

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Listen to Kids&Us children's songs on our Spotify channel

At Kids&Us we produce our own music, which is a core element of our learning method. Not only do the children learn songs, but they also internalise vocabulary and structures of complex language in an age-appropriate way.

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