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Activities to do at home with children from 1 to 2 years old II

Published 25/05/2020 by Kids&Us
Week 6

Here is the schedule that we have put together for this week. If you prefer, you can also use the blank planner to keep track of chores, games, or meals for the week as a family. These days, we are all reorganising!


With Stay at home with Kids&Us we are making a small contribution so that you have some ideas of how to spend these days in a different, fun way with the whole family in English!  

It’s impossible to forget the reason why we are all at home. We’re well aware that COVID-19 has affected our daily lives, just like it has to so many other families around the world. That’s why we want to shift the focus onto spending some quality time with our babies by taking advantage of this opportunity we have to learn together.

Keep this post handy. We’ll upload songs, videos, crafts and recipes in English every week, all specially adapted for the littlest members of your household.

Songs and dances in English for each moment of the day to make your routine fun 

It’s not a new idea that babies, like adults, need a routine. The current situation has forced us to adapt our everyday life to new schedules and plans and also to adapt or improve our hygiene at home.

Week 10
“The Goodbye Rap!” Song

Perhaps you do not remember, because it was ten weeks ago already, but we started our first post of the Stay at Home campaign for children aged 1 and 2 years old, with the “The Hello Rap!” song. Now we suggest singing “The Goodbye Rap!”. Don’t worry, it is not a farewell! Now you can continue consulting the full content that we have shared with you over these weeks, remember the dances and sing the best songs for the Kids&Us babies.

Sing “The Goodbye Rap!”

“Little Bunnies Playing Boo” Song

We have another simple song for remembering the numbers from 1 to 10. It is a short song that is easy for the Mums and Dads to remember. This time we leave the choreography in your hands, and when you listen to the song for the first time you will see that it is much easier than it looks. Try inventing a fun dance?

Sing “Little Bunnies Playing Boo”

Week 9
English lullabies for children: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Songs are a simple and practical way of bringing babies into contact with a new language, in our case English. Over these past weeks, we have presented you with a lot of exclusive Kids&Us songs that can be adapted to daily routines. Today we bring you a lullaby that can also become a habit before going to bed. We’re sure you've heard it, it's "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Here’s a link so you can listen to it.

If you want to know about more lullabies in English, we invite you to check out our post "6 lullabies in English for children".

Sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” 

Song “I’m Eating Yellow Bananas”

Shall we play guess the animal? The star of our song lives in the trees and moves with amazing grace and agility among the branches, and one more thing, its favourite food is bananas... Do you know who it is? Here is one of our songs in English for babies: “I’m Eating Yellow Bananas”.

Sing “I’m Eating Yellow Bananas

Week 8
“Peek-a-boo” song

The peek-a-boo game is one of the most favourite games to play when there are babies in the house. You have to cover and uncover your eyes, play at hiding and discover things using scarves, so that babies understand that things disappear, but then come back again. The babies in the Linda course at Kids&Us know this game very well, and this week we have a song for you so that you can play at home.

You can download the lyrics here:

Sing “Peek-a-boo”

“Prepositions Actions” song and dance

Last week, we shared the “Prepositions” song with you, and today we are going one step further, adding some new prepositions and extending the dance. This is what we call an “extended version” with some added difficulty. Get ready to have fun with the prepositions in English!

“Prepositions Actions” Dance

Week 7
Song “Linda, where are you?”

Linda is the star of the second Babies course at Kids&Us. She is an adorable, affectionate and funny little mouse who plays with 2-year-old boys and girls. This week we suggest you listen to one of the songs from her course: "Linda, where are you?"

Once you have heard it, you can play a guessing game about your favourite corners of the town, the city or the house.

You can download the words here:

Sing “Linda, where are you?

“Colours” song and dance

With this activity that we're bringing you, you will learn some colours in English to the rhythm of the song "Colours" and, in addition, you will be able to play at home looking for objects in these colours: red, blue, green and yellow. Are you up for singing and dancing to it?

You can download the words here:

Listen to “Colours”.

“Prepositions” song and dance

Babies who are 1 and 2 will be able to dance to this fun song while getting exposed to English prepositions. It's never too early to know when to say "on" and when to say "in", right?

We encourage you to dance to the moves with the littlest members of your house!

You can download the words here:

Listen to “Prepositions”.

Week 6
Song and dance: “Numbers Song”

This is already a well-known song for Kids&Us families. It’s catchy and it helps us learn numbers and it’s one of those songs we usually keeping playing over and over in our head. It’s the “Numbers” song and we are happy to be able to share the choreography with you all.

Are you ready?

Dance to the “Numbers Song”

“Yummy Yummy” Song

Short and simple, two features which make the song a success with the little ones of the house. The song that we propose this week is one of those songs, easy to remember, with a simple melody and, of course, it’s in English, ideal for babies from 1 to 2 years of age.

With the “Yummy Yummy” song we will practice the colours and we will find out what makes little monkeys go crazy. Are you ready to sing?

You can download the lyrics here.

Listen to “Yummy Yummy”

Week 5
Song: “Drink my Juice”

In a house with small children, any time can be party time. So, this week we propose livening up your mid-morning or afternoon snack time with some music (we know that there are various snack times to brighten up each day).

“Drink my Juice” is one of the Storytimes songs for babies. We hope you enjoy it; it’s short and easy. How about joining in singing it?

Listen to “Drink my Juice”

You can download the lyrics here

What’s the weather like today? Song and choreography: “Weather”

Maybe you have got into the routine of looking at what the weather is like each day and making a note of it on a blackboard or your calendar. It is a very easy activity you can do as a family and which helps the little ones follow a morning routine. Additionally, it’s sure to be one of the tasks that they did each day at their infants or primary school.

We propose that you take this routine a step further and you do it in English. To do so, we share with you our “Weather” song. It comes with a dance choreography, so you can start the day with a good rhythm!

Dance to the ‘Weather’ song

Week 4
Song for bath time

As fathers and mothers of children between 1 and 2 years old, the most established routine we have is bath time. From the moment we start the bath, it is the beginning of a daily ritual where everything is planned (unless it’s the third child, in which case no one even knows where the bath thermometer is!): the water temperature, the toys, the towel, the lotion…And we’re sure that many of you also have a song that makes bath time more fun. This week we’re sharing ours with you.

It’s a very simple song for the little ones to recognize their toes, belly and face. We don’t know if your children relax or get excited in the water, but we know there are never enough toys, never enough bubbles, never enough towels to dry the water that splashes out, and never enough songs that make bath time turn into a real party!

You can download the words here.

It’s bath time!


Song and dance to recognize moods

The lockdown began several weeks ago, and as adults we are still adapting to the situation. Most of us go through tons of different moods during the day, but, what about the little ones? It’s important that they are able to label their moods and that’s why the song (and dance, because we know you love it)   we are sharing with you this week is “Moods Song”. Because it is very important that boys and girls know how to identify their emotions and express how they feel.

And you? How are you feeling today? We hope you are relaxed and safe, and we are sending you an enormous hug, or, as our beloved Linda would say to the 2 year olds: a big, big hug!

You can download the words here.

Listen to ‘Moods Song’

Stories in English for babies from 1 to 2 years of age and for children from 3 to 5 years of age

For those of you who have a library at home (even a small one), you have a real treasure, and especially during this period. And although there are also libraries which offer digital materials, it’s nice to be able to turn over the pages of a story with the little ones at home. Reading is such a delightful task!

All stories make our children’s imagination fly free and they make our them become the intrepid protagonists of the stories who experience some unforgettable adventures, whether they are invented or not.

English stories and books are also a great way to keep in contact with the language at home. 

Discover more books in English

Cartoons in English for babies from 1 to 2 years old and for children from 2 to 4 years old 

Maybe you don’t know Betty Sheep, the littlest star of our publishing collection. She’s a little sheep who always surprises us with her fun, mischievous adventures. Her stories are for boys and girls from 2 to 4 years old.

What’s more, Betty also has her own cartoon series for children in English and this week we think you should see the two new episodes:  

Week 10
Collection of the Betty Sheep cartoon series

Over these weeks we have been able to enjoy all the episodes of the Betty Sheet cartoon for boys and girls - the lovely sheep from our editorial line. Today, we are offering them all together so that you can watch them as often as you like at home or wherever, as we know that the little ones love repeating the films and series they like thousands of times over. Which is your favourite chapter?

“Betty Sheep” collection

Week 9
Betty Sheep – Christmas

We have been home for so many days and have done so many activities with the little ones that all that's left is to plant the Christmas tree in the middle of the room to entertain ourselves a little. While we are thinking about it, we suggest you enjoy our latest episode of Betty Sheep's cartoon series: "Betty's Christmas". Are you ready to help Betty decorate a beautiful Christmas tree? Creativity and teamwork will result in her having the most beautiful tree in the world!

Watch “Betty’s Christmas”

Week 8
Betty Sheep - A Snowy Day

We are continuing to revise the seasons with the Betty Sheep cartoon series for boys and girls, and we have got to winter. We can do lots of things on a snowy day: a snowman, with his hat, scarf and carrot nose; a family snowball fight; or go sledding! Playing in the snow is great fun, but you have to admit that it is very cold, and there is nothing better to beat a cold day in the snow than a cup of hot chocolate. Do you want to come with us and have a fun day in the snow with Betty?

See “Betty Sheep - A Snowy Day”

Week 7
Betty’s autumn

Although it's only spring, this week the new episode of Betty Sheep, the children's cartoon series, takes us right into autumn. If you close your eyes, we’re sure you'll travel to a beautiful forest, with a blanket of dry leaves, and the smell of wet moss. What we will do in this new episode is play "hot or cold" with Betty and her friend Catty.

Afterwards, you can play a game at home by hiding and finding things, just like the stars of the show.

Watch “Betty’s autumn”.

Week 6
Betty’s Train Trip

This week we bring you two new episodes of the Betty Sheep cartoon series for boys and girls from 2 to 4 years of age. We will accompany Betty on her first train trip. Her friend, Catty is waiting for her in her house by the beach, they plan to have a great time. Get on the train with Betty and her grandma and prepare yourselves for a fun journey where you will learn plenty of new things. All aboard!

We hope that you enjoy this episode!

Watch “Betty’s Train Trip”

Betty - A Day at the Beach

As we arrived at the beach in the previous episode, how about we keep on enjoying Betty’s company as a family? In this new episode of the cartoon, we will have a wonderful day on the beach. It’s impossible to get bored at the beach: playing ball, making sandcastles, going swimming... But do you know what the first thing we should do is when we go to the beach? Put on some sunscreen!

Watch ‘Betty - A Day at the Beach’

Week 5
Betty’s School Trip

In the new Betty Sheep cartoon episode, “Betty’s School Trip”, Betty goes on an outing to the mountain with her classmates. The huge effort the little ones make to get to the top of the mountain is rewarded with some wonderful views. And look how small everything seems, the houses look like ants! But then, something happens that forces them to change their plans. Will they be able to have the picnic they were looking forward to having? Watch the video until the end, there is a surprise that will our windows these days.

We hope that you enjoy this episode!

Watch ‘Betty’s School Trip’

Week 4
Betty’s Family

We’ve already shared 5 Betty Sheep videos with you and we’re about to share a few more, but we have realized that Betty hasn’t been officially introduced yet, so this week we’ve decided to share the first episode of the series that we made.

In this first episode, you’ll meet Betty, her parents, and her five (!) sisters. After you see this episode you can even do your own family tree with photos so that your little ones can identify their immediate family. What do you think?

Watch ‘Betty’s family

Betty in the city

In this episode, Betty and her mum visit the city. Betty is amazed at how many cars, people, tall buildings and stores she sees, but she’s used to a more tranquil life in the country and she thinks that in the city there’s too much noise. That’s why her mum decides that it’s the perfect time to go to the park to listen to the ducklings again and rest a little. Despite all that, Betty loves the city because she has seen it with the best guide there is.

You can’t deny that it’s a great outing to do with the little ones. Let’s make a note for when everything goes back to normal.

Watch ‘Betty in the city’

You already know about the Betty Sheep cartoons for boys and girls from 2 to 4 years old, but Betty also has her own memory games that, like her stories, work with the Talking Pen, a digital pen that speaks. Our line of content, stories and materials for babies and boys and girls up to 4 years old is very complete and includes puzzles and downloadable materials to continue playing at home.

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