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Activities to do at home with children from 3 to 8 years old II

Published 25/05/2020 by Kids&Us
Week 6

Here is the schedule that we have put together for this week. If you prefer, you can also use the blank planner to keep track of chores, games, or meals for the week as a family. These days, we are all reorganising!

We don’t just want your sons and daughters to learn English- we want them to have fun in English, especially during these uncertain times. 

We have created the Stay at home with Kids&Us weekly content series to share with all families. Crafts, videos, songs, dance moves, recipes and various acitivities for children. We’re making everything we think could help to make these activities more readily available to the public. We’d like to encourage all the mothers and fathers out there to take advantage of this situation to do all different kinds of family activities at different times of the day.

We’ve made a schedule for this week that we’re sure you’ll love, with simply fun activities. Get ready, because every week we’ll give you new and original ideas. Don’t miss out!

Songs and dances in English for every time of day to make your routine fun 

At Kids&Us we work on listening through audio files to develop global listening comprehension. Thanks to continuous exposure to clear and correct English, children develop their linguistic intuition by learning to distinguish what “sounds right” from what doesn’t. For this reason, we are sending you some fun songs that also reinforce the daily routines that are so necessary during this time.

Week 10
“The Goodbye Rap!” song

It is time to say goodbye! And what better way than singing? Together we can sing “The Goodbye Rap!”song. The weekly Stay at Home proposals by Kids&Us finish here, although you can recover the full content whenever you want. Also, you will find many more activities, recipes and games on the Kids&Us blog. Visit it and find out more!

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Bye bye children, bye bye now

Wave your hands, it’s time to go

Bye bye children, bye bye now

Say goodbye and let’s go home

Listen to the “The Goodbye Rap!” song

Week 9
Song “Walking”

Now that the boys and girls can go outside and enjoy the fresh air again, how about learning the song “Walking”? Are you ready? Let’s go!

Download the words to the song here to sing along.

Listen to the song “Walking”

Week 8
“When I’m a Warrior”

Braver than a lion, stronger than an elephant and faster than a leopard. These are the Warriors in the song we have for you this week: “When I’m a Warrior”. Get ready to dance as a family!

Download the lyrics here to sing along.

Listen to the “When I’m a Warrior” song

Spotted and Stripped Balloons

A very simple exercise like blowing up balloons is going to help us practise our colours, a few actions and even our numbers, always using complete structures. Don’t miss this fun activity! You just need four coloured balloons, a marker pen and the desire to play together as a family.

Watch the “Spotted and Stripped Balloons” video

Week 7

“Travel Around the World”

Travelling may seem like a fantasy now, but we'll soon be able to rediscover wonderful places. We invite you to let your imagination fly and travel with us through our song "Travel Around the World". We will travel by balloon, by boat, and by train. Are you coming?

Download the words here to sing with the whole family.

Listen to the song “Travel around the world”.

Burping Bob Song

Do you want to meet Burping Bob? Don't miss this fun song in English in which you will meet a very special character: Bob. Can you guess how Bob spends his day? You will have a great time singing and dancing!

Watch the Burping Bob Song video.

Week 6
Art is Alive Song

Do you like museums? At Kids&Us we love them. They are places full of art, whether it be in the form of paintings, sculptures, fossils… Often, not only can we learn about science, history and other interesting subjects there, we can also play and have fun. Travel with us to an extra special museum. We have the perfect song for the occasion: “Art is Alive”. We’re so looking forward to going out and visiting a museum soon!

Download the lyrics here so we can sing it all together.

Sing the song: “Art is Alive”.

One Small Spot

Here’s an easy and fun activity for you to do. You will practice the colours and some English expressions and concepts in a natural and fun way. Words such as: big, tall, long... Shall we play? As well as this, we will do it singing the song “One Small Spot” and dancing to it together. Let’s begin!

Watch the video “One Small Spot”

Week 5
Let’s sing the “Weather” song

At school, one of the first routines that the children learn is to observe and be able to say what the weather is. As they grow up, our little ones gradually grasp more complex concepts: they start with pictures, then with odd words, and some schools even have their weather station.

At the Kids&Us classes, we also carry out this task and, like with so many other tasks in our school, it has its song. We invite you to take a step further and continue seeing what the weather is like, but now in English. We share our “Weather” song with you and, of course, the choreography to go with it, which we know you love.

Listen to the ‘Weather’ song

Week 4
Let’s sing the song “Emergency”

Fresh out of one of our Fun Weeks, themed weeks that are 100% in English, we’re bringing you the song “Emergency”. At home, when your sons and daughters have a song stuck in their head, do they sing it all day long? Well, watch out, because this song is catchy!

Listen to the song

Let’s put our moods into words

It is really important to know how to put the moods and emotions we feel into words. With this song (and dance!) we’ll learn to express our moods, and whether we’re hungry, thirsty, or boiling in English. Let’s dance!

Watch the video with the dance moves here.


Cooking and craft activities for children from 3 to 8 years old

We encourage you to have a nice time with your sons and daughters doing simple crafts and/or making simple recipes that have the added benefit of improving their concentration abilities and motor skills. These activities are the perfect excuse to get the whole family together and let your imaginations run wild.

Week 10
Crazy Wheel

We are going to create a really fun wheel, with colours and different stickers, and only using empty toilet rolls. You can make as many as you want and even have races. Let’s see those wheels roll!

Click here to discover how to make it.

Standing Clover

We make our own 4-leaf clover with just a little cardboard and paint. Don’t miss this paper craft for boys and girls. It will bring you good luck!

Click here to discover how to make it.

Betty Sheep memory game

We are going to learn new vocabulary on elements and animals by playing a memory game by the lovely Betty Sheep. This game is ideal for children aged between 2 and 4 years old.

Download the document and print two copies on white paper. For the first few days, we recommend playing with the cards in black and white. Once the child has learned the vocabulary, you can paint the cards and work on the colours. Remember the playing cards and place them on the table with the drawings facing upwards. Now, you can start the game!

Download the game with this link.

Week 9
Apple Ladybugs

With this recipe, we decorate apples, so they look like ladybugs. A quick, fun snack and children will enjoy not only preparing it but also eating it.

Download the recipe here

Chocolate Balloon Bowls

After so many weeks, we're pretty sure that you're all real chefs now. This week we're going to create some chocolate bowls with a balloon. Amazing, right? From now on, you'll be able to impress your guests with this creative dessert! Shall we get cooking?

Download the recipe here

Magnifying Glass

The magnifying glass is one of the most useful, stimulating and inspiring tools a child can be given. We show you how to build one that’s handmade, beautiful, functional and completely unique. By the way, adults will love it too!

Click here to find out how to do it!

Guitar Craft

Music is something we can appreciate from a very young age, and a good way to introduce our sons and daughters to this wonderful world is by familiarizing them with musical instruments. Today we are teaching you a beautiful craft to learn how to make a very original home guitar. Maybe it doesn't actually work, but it will certainly help when you let your imagination run wild and play at being a real musician!

Click here to find out how to do it!

Week 8
Pretzel bites

With this recipe, we will use pretzels, the typical snacks, originally from Germany where they are eaten traditionally as an aperitif, for tea-time or a fun, sweet dessert. Aprons on and let’s start cooking!

Download the recipe here

Oven-free oatmeal cookies

We suggest some delicious biscuits you can make without using the oven. Yes, that’s right, without using the oven. You think it is impossible, but you will see that they are so delicious and easy to make that you are going to want to make them every day. Don’t miss this recipe!

Download the recipe here

Camel Handprint

Do you remember how much fun we had drawing animals with the palm of our hand a few weeks ago? Well, we suggest doing the same activity again, but this time we will bring a lovely desert camel to life. Can you see it? Prepare your colours and paint because we are also going to draw a pretty landscape.

Watch the tutorial here

Your name in hieroglyphics

Now, we are going back in time to Ancient Egypt to learn how the Egyptian scribes used to write. We have got a table of symbols for you, where you will find an adapted version of the equivalence between the Egyptian symbols and the letters in our alphabet, and so you will be able to create your own name as if you were writing on a real piece of papyrus! What fun!

Watch the tutorial here

Let’s revise the good habits with Gina Ginger. Part 4

Here we have the latest set of good habits in English, thanks to Gina Ginger. Don’t miss the fourth section of “Good Habits in English”. With this series, we have learned concepts and habits in English, and we hope you have enjoyed it! 

Download the 4th part of ‘Good Habits in English’ here

Week 7
Eggcellent Pirate Ships

Shall we pretend to be pirates while we cook? There are loads of fun ways to decorate devilled eggs. In this easy recipe, we’ll turn them into boats; just another way to have fun in the kitchen and at the table! 

Download the recipe here.

Libby, the little baby sheep

Today we’re bringing you one of those animal crafts that are terribly sweet: a cotton and paper sheep! Indeed, these will be two of the main materials we will use for this entertaining activity with an incredibly adorable result. This craft is perfect to make with very young children, as it is simple and most of the materials are within their reach. We’re sure they'll enjoy it very much. Do you want to see how it's done? Here we go!

Watch the tutorial here.

Rat Headband

Dressing up at home is always a good option for family fun, don't you think? This week we are giving you a proposal to dress up as little rats with a nice paper headband which is very easy and original. Inexpensive materials and a bit of imagination are all you need to make an original costume for your sons and daughters. You can pair this craft with brown (or grey) clothes, a cloth tail and some fantasy make-up, and you will have a great costume. Are you in?

Link to the video

Let’s review healthy habits with Gina Ginger. Part 3

For another week, our good friend Gina Ginger helps us review new good habits in English. Don’t miss the third instalment ready to download called “Good Habits in English”.

Download the 3rd part of ‘Good Habits in English’ here.

Let’s play and learn new animals and elements in English with Betty Sheep!

You’re invited to download a new memory game that will help you learn new vocabulary and concepts in English. Shall we go over the instructions?

- Download the document and print 2 copies, preferably on white cardboard.

- The first few days we recommend playing the memory game with the black and white chips. Once your child has mastered the vocabulary, you can colour the cards and work on the colours.

- Cut out the cards from the game and place them on the table with the drawings facing downwards. You don't have to put them all on the table at first. Each time you turn a card over, say, "It's a ..." If you get a pair say, "It's a pair!" If not, say "It’s not a pair!"

Will you find all the pairs? Let's play!

Download the game here. 

Week 6
Let’s create some fun figures made from fruit

We know that getting kids to eat fruit can sometimes be an arduous task, right? So, we suggest how you can make it a fun, colourful and highly original experience. This week we discover how to make fun figures with various pieces of fruit. Getting the little ones to turn this moment into something fun is also an exercise in creativity and an ingenious way to get them to eat healthily.

Download the recipe here


This week we are sharing two very simple but fun paper craft activities. Both the making of it as well as how nice it turns out make this a popular activity for the little ones, and at the same time it gives them a time when they can have fun and relax during their daily routine.

These craft activities for children help them practice of cutting and using scissors, as well as colouring in.

Let’s create our own Chef's Hat

Week after week we’ve been encouraging you to cook with your children. So, it’s high time we learn to dress like real chefs. To do so, you just must follow the instructions for this simple and easy-to-make hat. You will learn how to make a home-made chef's hat quickly and easily using just paper.

Watch the tutorial here

Claw the Cat

Let’s bring a very special kitty to life. You will be surprised how easy it is to create a friendly cat made from paper in just a few steps. You’ll need some scissors, colouring pencils and don't forget to use your imagination.

Link to the video

Let’s review some more healthy habits with Gina Ginger. Part 2

How are you doing with your healthy habits? This week Gina Ginger helps us review new habits in English with the second part of the downloadable worksheet, which you can also colour in.

Download part 2 of ‘Good Habits in English’ here

Week 5
Let’s make some coconut muffins with the children

Have a go at making these soft and spongy coconut muffins! Take note of the easy steps and prepare these muffins to enjoy together as a family. You can satisfy the craving to eat something sweet and tasty, with this quick and easy recipe.

Download the recipe here

Paper clown hat

What about playing a circus? Imagine that you are the clowns from a big circus. Prepare yourself for the performance by designing your clown hats. All you will need is to recycle various pieces of coloured paper to make a funny hat; you are sure to have a great time making it. Besides that, it’s a task which will stimulate your skills and your ability to recycle, and let you be creative.

Link to the video

A duck picture made with our handprints

Hand painting is practically an ancestral technique that our most distant relatives would use and that today, it can continue to be a fun activity to do. Last week we painted the funny Kally Crab using the palm of our hand. This week we propose giving life to a special duck. This is a perfect activity to do with young children. 

Link to the video

Review the names of the colours in English with this Gina Ginger memory game

This week we propose a new downloadable Gina Ginger game to continue practising the colours, new vocabulary, and games you can play as a family.

It is a new memory game. Once you have downloaded it, print two copies of the document and colour in Gina's hair with the following colours: orange, green, yellow, pink, purple, and white (this last one can be left blank). Colour the second sheet in the same colours, so you have two pictures of Gina with each colour.

The pedagogical objectives of this exercise are to learn structures and vocabulary related to colours and different elements. “Gina’s hair is + colour”, “I’ve got a pair!”, “I haven’t got a pair!”, “Yellow and blue make green”, etc. The colours we will use are orange, green, yellow, pink, white, red and purple.

You just need to cut them out and start playing!


Week 4
Let’s make banana sushi with the children

Can you imagine making sushi out of bananas? Well, it’s possible thanks to the recipe we’re giving you this week - A very tantalizing dessert or snack. We promise that not only is it delicious and nutritious, but it’s quick and easy, too! Fun, right?

Download the recipe here.


Hummus with vegetables

Hummus is one of the kings of snack time, and with this recipe you can learn to make it at home. It’s incredibly easy, healthy, nutritious, and it’s also a great way to eat beans. If you can pair it with raw veggies for dipping…wow!

Download the recipe here


Kally the crab

Most of you are probably thinking about the day you can go back to the beach, feel the sand in your toes, get your feet wet…How about in the meantime we settle for bringing the one and only Kally crab to life? Colour the hands red, grab a piece of paper and you’ll get a surprise!

Link to video

Rainbow with clouds mobile

If there’s one common symbol that stands out these days, it’s the rainbow. We bet that at home you’ve already drawn yours and hung it on your terrace or balcony. Still, we’re bringing you a special proposal: all you need is a paper plate, paints, and cotton buds. And if you hang it up, you’ll have an original mobile. We love it. What about you?

Link to video


Review the colours in English with this Gina Ginger video

Gina Ginger is that mischievous, fun redhead who has amazing times with her friend Charlie Chives. Well, this week we have a downloadable Gina Ginger memory game for you to practise colours in English.

Once you’ve downloaded and printed the document, you’ll need to colour Gina’s hair with the following colours: orange, green, yellow, pink, and red. You can leave one card uncoloured for the colour white. Colour the items on the second page with the same colours. That way for every colour you’ll have one item and one picture of Gina Ginger.

The educational aims of this exercise are to learn structures and vocabulary related to colours and different elements. Ex, “Gina’s hair is + colour + like + item”, “I’ve got a pair!”, “I haven’t got a pair!” The vocabulary to be used is as follows:

COLOURS: pink, green, yellow, orange, red and white.
ITEMS: candyfloss, grass, nest, pumpkin, fire and wool.

Now all you need to do is cut everything out and play!


Healthy habits

We’re sure you are working hard to keep to your routines at home; they are as necessary as ever, especially in the situation which we are facing currently. Gina Ginger and Charlie Chives are also at home, and they have prepared a very special downloadable worksheet with a few useful recommendations, which can also be coloured in: “Good Habits in English”.

This worksheet reminds us how important it is to rest and have a good night’s sleep so we can get up the next day full of energy. We are also told to watch our favourite cartoons in their original versions, so we can practice a new language while enjoying an episode of our favourite series or a film we have already seen a hundred times over.

Download ‘Good Habits in English’

Games in English for children

Now that we are allowed outside for a while each day, we can use this opportunity to play games in English in the open air. This is a spontaneous and natural way to learn the language. Here you have some of the funniest and most stimulating activities for the children, like the traditional Hide and Seek, Chinese whispers or Simon says. Here you will find many more options.

Click here to see all the games

Cartoons in English for boys and girls from 3 to 8 years old

Cartoons in English are a fantastic tool that parents can use to provide children with intense exposure to the language at home. The advantages of getting the little ones used to watching their favourite cartoons in English are numerous, but the main one is that we are taking advantage of the fact that they are at an age where their brains are more receptive to learning languages.

10 minutes of English a day is one of the best habits you can start to reinforce language learning in your sons and daughters.

Shall we begin?

Week 10

Do you know CBeebies? It is a pre-school brand by the BBC that offers programs and videos for boys and girls aged between 0 and 6 years old, and it is designed to promote learning through stories with funny characters. We recommend you explore this web to complete our suggestions for this week.

Visit their web here

Week 9
Watch films in English

When it comes to studying English, we already know the importance of being in direct contact with the language, for example, by travelling. It is important to find a way to capture children's interest, so watching films and cartoons in English is an ideal way to get in touch with the language and learn. Not only that, but they also love it! Films offer them the chance to immerse themselves in another language.

Watching films or cartoons in English with subtitles in the language makes it easier to understand and helps develop reading and listening skills. This week we offer you an iconic film, so you can also have a good time with your family!

Finding Nemo - Nemo's story is told through clear dialogues and simple vocabulary. For example, every time Nemo meets a new character, the children can hear the greetings and learn the expressions to ask for help. It is also perfect for learning the names of animals.

Would you like to see this fun film in English?

Week 6
Gina Ginger - After School

Gina Ginger and her friend Charlie Chives have chosen which after-school activities they will do next year, but like she does each week, their fairy friend will appear to help them. Thanks to her they will be able to try out some of these after-school activities beforehand. Don’t miss this new adventure! 

Watch ‘After School’

Week 5
Gina Ginger on holiday

What do you prefere, the beach or the mountains? Although we all have our preferences, as we’ve been at home for so many days, we wouldn’t turn our noses up to either of the two choices.

In this episode that we are offering of the Gina Ginger cartoon series, Gina and Charlie discuss which is the best destination for a holiday. They are still talking when the holiday Fairy appears... What will happen in Gina and Charlie’s new adventure? Don’t miss this episode: “Holiday Mood”.

Watch ‘Holiday Mood’

Week 4
Gina Ginger and extracurricular activities

Gina and Charlie are competing over who has the best extracurricular activities and, as usual, they don’t agree. Luckily, there’s someone very special close by who will try to find an activity that they both like equally. And you? Tell us what your favourite extracurricular activity is.

Watch ‘After School’


Gina Ginger, Charlie Chives and the fairy godmothers come to life in this fun cartoon series. Gina Ginger is also the star of six books from the Kids&Us publishing line. Her other friends on the bookshelf are the charming Betty Sheep, for boys and girls from 2 to 4 years old, and the Listen&Touch book collection, designed for boys and girls up to age 7. All of the books and stories work with the Talking Pen, the digital pen that speaks and reads the pages aloud.

Reading in English for boys and girls between 3 and 8 years of age

Read, read, and read some more. Reading is an activity that allows us to fly, travel, escape from lockdown without having to leave the house, get to know new cultures, and learn things without even realising it.

One of the best and healthiest habits that we can have today, and always, is to spend a few minutes a day with a book in our hands. It doesn’t matter whether we have read it a thousand times if we know it off by heart, if we adapt it each night or if the little ones read it on their own. If we can make reading another task to be done each day, when everything gets back to normal, we will have gained a new hobby. And if our children were already used to reading, they will now do so effortlessly.

At Kids&Us, we have our book collection, with stories adapted to the children’s ages, fun main characters, and wonderful adventures. You can take a look, and when everything gets back to normal, you can add new stories to read to your daily routine. Why not try reading in English?

Discover our books in English

Books in English for boys and girls from 3 to 8 years old

On other occasions, we have already spoken about the importance of acquiring the habit of reading. Knowing how to get children into the habit of reading is vital for their development as they grow up.

Make the habit of reading an interesting pastime rather than an obligation. It will go a long way towards improving a range of cognitive skills and preparing them for adulthood.

Stories and books in English are also a great way to stay in touch with the language from home. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of reading in English, you can read the post "Benefits of books in English" on our blog. Do you read stories in English? 

Discover more books in English


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