At your service

At your service
At your service

On hand to help the franchisee

Kids&Us has a staff of more than 100 professional who assist with various key areas of the business and offer top level support to our network of franchises. The objective of this comprehensive service is to ensure the success of each and every one of our schools.

Joining Kids&Us means becoming part of a young, innovative and constantly growing project. It also means being surrounded by a team of highly qualified professionals who ensure constant monitoring and support for all franchisees.

Advice and know-how

From the moment the contract is signed, new franchisees become part of the network of Kids&Us schools and will receive a comprehensive support service which includes:

  • Monitoring during the school opening process (choosing suitable premises, adjustment of the interior design project and initial training of the franchisee) to achieve the results stipulated in the Business Plan.
  • Individualised advice on the marketing work to be done for each new school during the first year.
  • Initial training at Kids&Us Head Office from the different departments: advertising-sales, pedagogical, human resources, purchasing, communication and marketing.
  • Ongoing online and/or face-to-face training on various subjects aimed at all professional staff at Kids&Us schools.
  • Personalised support throughout the year with the aim of reviewing needs and analysing results.
  • Advice on teaching staff recruitment and selection along with initial and ongoing providing training on the Kids&Us method.
  • Surveys to measure the satisfaction of the families and the franchisees, in addition to tools to ensure students' learning and performance.
  • Quality control of the pedagogical aspect with audit observations of classes by all teachers in every Kids&Us school in order to ensure correct implementation of the method.
  • Continuous development of pedagogical materials and new products from the Kids&Us Universe.
  • An annual marketing campaign per country during key periods for new student acquisition and enrolments, corporate materials for all campaigns for new products and services, adaptation of brand supports and content.
Kids&Us schools receive a comprehensive support
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