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Betty Sheep Numbers - Memory Game 1

2-4 years old

Betty Sheep Numbers - Memory Game 1

Preparation instructions

Play and learn the numbers from one to six with Betty Sheep!                        
Download the document and print out two copies, preferably on white card.

It's recommended that Memory is played with black and white playing cards for the first few days. Once the child knows the numbers, colour the playing cards and practise the colours as well.

Cut out the playing cards from the game and spread them out with the numbers face down on the table. Each time a playing card is turned over, say, "It's a...". When a pair is turned over, say, “It’s a pair!” If it isn’t a pair, say, “It isn’t a pair!”

Now you can start playing!

You're sure to find all the pairs!

Required material

Twelve playing cards with the numbers from one to six (two playing cards for each number).

Educational goals

To learn the numbers from one to six and to practise related structures. For example, “It’s a + number”, “It’s a pair!”, “It isn’t a pair!”

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